Digital Imaging

We are proud to offer digital diagnostic imaging for our patients

Digital x-ray refers to images obtained by digital radiographic imaging without the use of films. It provides our doctors with vastly improved imaging quality over the film-based radiographs. In the time that it would take our staff to take film-based x-rays, we are now able to produce images with a much higher quality in about half the time, which our patients greatly appreciate. Our doctors can enhance images, take measurements and enlarge an image to better asses bone or soft tissue areas. This helps diagnose patients more accurately and treat more precisely. We are also able to share these images with specialists and referral centers for thorough, complete care.

X-ray machine

We also offer digital dental radiographs. This allows our doctors to see a pet’s whole tooth and the bones that make up the jaw. We are able to more accurately assess the health of a tooth and decide the best route of treatment for the patient. This can include the extraction of a tooth that is diseased, fractured or in an incorrect position. Dental problems can lead to infection, swelling, nasal discharge and pain. With the help of digital x-ray we can locate the source and proceed with the correct treatment.

X-ray machine

Ultrasound, the same technology used to generate sonograms during human pregnancy, uses sound waves transmitted into the body to create an image. It’s a non-invasive diagnostic tool that can provide helpful information on many diseases. Our ultrasound capabilities allow us to look and study the architecture of organs, can be helpful in locating tumors, diagnosing bladder or kidney stones, and gives us information regarding blood flow to different organs. It also allows us to locate and diagnose when a pet has blood or fluid in the abdomen or around the heart, which can be difficult to do with just the information provided by an x-ray. Having the capability to diagnose these conditions can be lifesaving in an emergency. Our doctors are proud to be able to offer ultrasounds to our patients and increase the quality of care that we are able to provide.

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